Jake Gibb

Jake's pro beach volleyball career did not start until he picked up the game at the age of 21 and ended after 21 seasons. Along the way Jake qualified for the Olympic Games four times, tallied 43 tour victories, collected nearly $2 million in prize money and a earned priceless reputation of being a true gentleman and an international ambassador for the game. He held that same reputation at home with his wife Jane and children Crosby and Cora Jane, who provided full support for the journey... MORE>>


Misty May-Treanor

Misty's commitment to volleyball started young, and it has endured throughout her competitive life of high-profile wins, battles back from injury, and as a standout ambassador for this very American, very Southern Californian, sport. As it has grown, she cherishes the richness of past partnerships, travel adventures and an unmatched legacy of pride. She lived the dream with graceful tenacity ... a model to her three daughters and thousands of players around the world... MORE>>


Stein Metzger

A throwback to an era when volleyball was a big part of the daily routine that included surfing and paddling on the island of Oahu, Stein's rise to the Hall of Fame may have started on the “baby court” at the iconic Outrigger Canoe Club, but he was always destined to end up on the sport's biggest stage... MORE>>


Nicole Branagh

As her beach career blossomed, Branagh packed her PT Cruiser and left her home in the San Francisco Bay Area for the fertile training grounds of Southern California and to play professionally indoor in the winter. But in 2006, then all-time wins leader Holly McPeak invited the neophyte to become her partner. From that day on, Branagh would focus solely on the beach game; she had arrived on the world volleyball stage... MORE>>


Sam Laganà

Laganà was the voice of beach volleyball and the Association of Volleyball Professional's (AVP) from 1985- 2005, but he really was an MC of the party that was beach volleyball in the 1980s and ‘90s, his sunny voice marking and fueling the sport's rise and reach outside California, from Cape Cod to Florida, Rhode Island to Texas, Cleveland to Colorado, and points in between and beyond... MORE>>


CBVA HOF Panel Discussion

Ron Lang, Jim Menges, Misty May-Treanor, Butch May