Class of 2018

Active: 1997 - 2012

24 Open Victories

Sean Scott is a testament to the rewards of hard work and determination. His place in the Hall of Fame was earned through sweat, effort, and grit.

Born on Oahu, Sean Scott played his high school volleyball at powerhouse Punahou High and collegiately at the University of Hawaii. He made his professional beach debut in 1997 with fellow Hawaiian Stein Metzger.

Scott was far from overnight sensation. In his early years as a pro, he battled in the trenches, searching for the key to success. But through a relentless drive and work ethic, he methodically improved every season he played. His breakthrough came in 2004, when he and Todd Rogers won the AVP event in Tempe, Arizona. That same season, Scott won the AVP’s Best of the Beach tournament in his hometown Honolulu topping the sports’ best and later that season missed qualifying for the Olympics by one spot.

Scott continued to improve, enjoying solid results on tour with Nick Lucena, Dax Holdren, and others. But it was toward the end of his career, when Scott partnered with John Hyden, that he found his greatest success. Scott and Hyden combined for 19 professional wins and in 2011 and 2012 won an astounding 14 of the 19 domestic tournaments they played in.

Scott was one of finest blockers of his era despite being undersized for a net player. He combined impeccable blocking technique with an innate ability to read hitters. Scott was also a solid ball control player, an excellent transition setter, and a fierce jump server.

Known for his rigorous training and nutritional regime, Scott was perhaps the fittest player on tour – a walking advertisement for why shirts are unnecessary in beach volleyball.

And Scott is one of the only players to retire at the top of his game, finishing the 2012 season with four consecutive victories before announcing his retirement.

In 2007, Scott formed his most important partnership when he married fellow beach professional Rachel Wacholder. Together they have two children: Koa Daniel Scott 9 and Nila Ashley Scott 7.

Since leaving volleyball He has worked as a Director for USA Volleyball and Beach National Teams.

Sean Scott is proof that talent alone isn’t enough and that hard work and effort can earn you a ticket to the Hall of Fame.





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