Class of 1993

Active: 1974 - 1980

15 Open Victories

By definition, to be a high-profile female athlete in the 1960s and 1970s was to be a pioneer. Miki McFadden was one of those pioneers.

Miki grew up in Honolulu and learned to play volleyball on the famous courts at the Outrigger Canoe Club. She went to Punahou High School and then on to USC where she enjoyed a stellar collegiate career. Indoors, she represented the United States in the World Championships, Pan-Am Games and in the 1968 Olympics.

On the beach, she teamed up with the legendary Kathy Gregory to absolutely dominate the women’s circuit in the 1970s. And let’s be honest, anyone who could play with Kathy Gregory for that many tournaments is, de facto, worthy of being in the Hall of Fame. Basically, if Gregory-McFadden were entered in the tournament, you might as well engrave the trophy with their names. 1978 was probably Miki’s best year. She entered seven tournaments and won seven times including the Manhattan Open.

In many ways, Miki was the ying to Kathy Gregory’s yang. While Gregory talked her way through matches and backed up her talking with a wide array of shots, Miki let her playing do the talking and was considered one of the best, if not the best, hitters on the tour. She was, in many ways, the prototype for the modern female beach player. Tall, lean and powerful – she played the game at a high level above the net, yet could move gracefully in the sand.

Since retiring from playing, she has coached volleyball for over 40 years at all different levels and had given back tremendously to the sport she loves.





<a href='photog_detail.asp?p=272'>photo: Robi Hutas</a> <a href='photog_detail.asp?p=272'>photo: Robi Hutas</a> <a href='photog_detail.asp?p=331'>photo: Bruce Hazelton</a>

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