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From the collection of the Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame Museum, Hermosa Beach, CA

Perpetual trophy for winning Manhattan Beach Open, Results for 1960-1988.

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Chamales, Tom Smith, Sinjin Bergman, Henry Zuelich, Fred Marlowe, Chris Luyties, Ricci Dodd, Mike Menges, Jim Tim Hovland Randy Stoklos O'Hara, Mike Lang, Ron Lee, Greg Kiraly, Karch Bright, Mike Von Hagen, Ron Selznick, Gene Rundle, Larry Obradovich, Steve Clem, Bob Swartz, Buzz Jackson, Bob

Inscription Reads: Manhattan Beach Open Victory Award The following teams have achieved victory in the Manhattan Open, a volleyball tournament which stands for the highest caliber of athletic competitions complimented by an unequaled level of spectator and community support. Awarded by the Manhattan Beach Recreation Department in appreciation to the players, spectators, sponsors and City officials who contributed to the unmatched success of the tournament. 1960 Mike O'Hara & Mike Bright 1961 Mike O'Hara & Mike Bright 1962 Mike O'Hara & Mike Bright 1963 Mike O'Hara & Mike Bright 1964 Mike O'Hara & Mike Bright 1965 Ron Lang & Gene Selznick 1966 Ron VonHagen & Ron Lang 1967 Ron VonHagen & Ron Lang 1968 Larry Rundle & Henry Bergman 1969 Ron VonHagen & John Vallely 1970 Ron VonHagen & Henry Bergman 1971 Bob Clem & Larry Rundle 1972 Buzz Swartz & Matt Gage 1973 Bob Jackson & Fred Zuelich 1974 Ron VonHagen & Tom Chamales 1975 Greg Lee & Jim Menges 1976 Steve Obradovich & Chris Marlowe 1977 Chris Marlow & Jim Meges 1978 Greg Lee & Jim Menges 1979 Jim Menges & Singin Smith 1980 Karch Kiraly & Singin Smith 1981 Jim Menges & Randy Stoklos 1982 Mike Dodd & Tim Hovland 1983 Mike Dodd & Tim Hovland 1984 Mike Dodd & Tim Hovland 1985 Mike Dodd & Tim Hovland 1986 Singin Smith & Randy Stoklos 1987 Mike Dodd & Tim Hovland 1988 Karch Kiraly & Ricci Luyties








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